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A trouble in hearing is itself a frustrating problem for patients who unfortunately suffer from it. Hearing aids were designed with a purpose of helping the patients to be able to hear better and today Siemens happens to be the leading manufacturer of hearing aids in the world. They are one of the oldest companies who are credited for being amongst the few which responded to the requirements of people and came up with quality products much earlier than the others did. Despite the upcoming of so many new brands, even today Siemens has been able to retain its top position successfully. The Siemens Hearing aid uses the medically approved state of art technology for providing the best possible solution. Practically speaking, deafness is purely an individual feeling and patients might have become a victim of this problem due to different reasons. Furthermore, deafness itself can be classified into several types, based on their nature, extent and severity. Siemens manufactures a large variety of instruments to fulfill every hearing requirement of the users.Popular Models Of Siemens Hearing Aid: – Depending on the extent and type of hearing loss, there are different styles of hearing devices to choose from. Take a look below at some of the most widely used instruments: – 1. Behind The Ear (BTE): – This type of instrument is fitted outside the ear and in connected using a special type of hook over the ears.2. In The Ear (ITE): – This category of aid is fitted inside the ears and it can be seen from outside.3. In The Ear Canal (ITC): – They are mostly used for the serious cases. Here, the aid is fitted very low into the affected ear canal.4. Completely In The Canal: – They are smallest of all types and are fitted to the lowest possible position in the ear canal. Some Popular Models Of Siemens Hearing Aid With Their Features: – Siemens manufactures a large variety of hearing aid models in different price ranges depending on the quality and features available. Each of their models is technologically upgraded and highly reliable to say the least.Talking of some of their popular models, Phoenix, INTUIS, CIELO and ARTIS are a few of their most highly sought products. Take a glance at some of the key features of the Phoenix and INTUIS models listed below: – *Directional Microphone*Total Feedback Cancellation*Noise Reduction Technology*Provision Of A Switchless T-CoilNext, coming to the features of the CIELO and ARTIS models: – *Auto phone assisting in adjusting the volume levels while speaking over a telephone*Twelve Channel Digitalized Noise Management System*Alerting tones indicate low battery*Special directional microphone system*High Phase Feedback Cancellation System Some of the even upgraded models of Siemens Hearing Aid like ARTIS LIFE, CENTRA and others come up with even better offerings such as eWindscreen, Sound smoothing systems and data learning systems that can significantly contribute in making the lives of people suffering from hearing problems a lot better.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Why can’t I hear music or television properly with my new hearing aids?
    I’ve had them since October, and I still can’t get used to them. I’ve tried picking up sounds, people’s voices are okay, but its music, and television i just can’t understand or hear, it echoes, and sounds crackly. I enjoy alot of music and watching television so it’s getting frustrating. My audiologist told me to get used to it and it will be fine, but I’ve tried. Can they make them be able to hear music and television normally like any other person would? They’re new Siemens Reflex hearing aids.


    • ANSWER:
      It DOES take time to get adjusted to new hearing aids. I t also takes time to find the right adjustment. So your audiologist could be right in saying give it more time. I know if can take as long as 3 months. So I would give it more time – then if your audiologist isn’t responsive – change audiologists.

    Have anyone tried the Beltone Oria? Does it sounds as good as any Siemens hearing aids?
    Please help me find the best hearing aids. Since I have profound hearing lost in high frequency, I want the best hearing aids.

    • ANSWER:
      go to a professional dr.

    Is there a good website to get ratings for the different brands of very expensive hearing aids?
    At between 1300 and 4500 dollars for hearing aids I can find no place where the various brands are compared. Consumer reports has not done a comparison
    for mlgable
    I am aware of what you are saying about different types of hearing loss. But there are many different brands with a great variety of pricing. As with any product I am sure that some brands are a much better value than others. This is not for me but an elderly parent.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes there are different brands. However each brand usually also has a 00 model, 00 model, 00 model etc. With hearing aids there really isn’t much difference among brands. Each audiologist is going to have their “favorite” manufacturer based on how much experience they have with their products. It is always best to go with something the audiologist is familiar with because they have more knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work with those products. My advice is to see an audiologist not a hearing instrument specialist. Audiologists have at least a master’s if not a doctorate degree. Audiologists use hearing aids from major manufacturers. My favorites are Widex, Phonak, Resound, and Starkey. Other major manufacturers are Oticon, Siemens, Unitron, and Rexton. Stay away from places that use their own brands and not a major manufacturer listed above.

    What is the best color for a hearing aid?
    im getting a new siemens explorer hearing aid and im choosing between the translucent pink, and translucent green im a girl By the way

    • ANSWER:
      Get the green so it looks like you rubbed boogers into your ear.

    Siemens hearing aids purchased over internet, excellent price. Now whenever I want to have my hearing aids?
    adjusted at a local hearing aid business, they want to charge me an arm and a leg. I can return aids to place purchased but I just have to mail them in and be without my hearing aids for a few days. Any other suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      Buying aids over the internet is like buying an artificial knee online and then getting mad that you have to pay a surgeon separately to operate to insert it in you. You found out the hard way that aids are only as good as the person fitting them in many cases. They are not commodities like cars that are the same wherever you get them. Most dispensers charge what they charge because they are including their services in your purchase price. If you got an “excellent price” it is because you got the device but no service, and your local dispenser has every right to charge for their expertise and time. I don’t even see how the place you got them expects to adjust them to your satisfaction by having you mail them in without you being there–it’s really absurd and quite unethical on the dispenser’s part to even offer to do that. My advice is to return them and start over locally where you can be serviced properly. Otherwise you will end up with aids you don’t want to wear–and no matter how good of a price you paid it will be a waste.

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