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If you think you are losing your ability to hear, you should get screened by a medical professional. If you have to wait weeks for an appointment, you can use online tests in the meantime, since they tend to be free and fast. Find out what to expect when you take a hearing test online.You may first have to answer some questions about your lifestyle since certain activities can contribute issues with your ears. The format of the screening may be multiple choice or yes/no, so it should not take long to complete the exam. If you were to attend a hearing test at a clinic, the staff would be asking similar questions, so this may be a good substitution for now. Then when you finally take the screening at a clinic, you will be prepared to answer questions about your lifestyle as it pertains to your ability to hear. Once you finish the questions and answer part of the exam, you may have to follow some steps to ensure your computer is up to the task of letting you finish it. You will need to have either headphones or speakers that work well, and they need to be hooked up correctly. Try to find a website that offers clear instructions so you do not have to spend too long on this step. Otherwise, you might find your clinic appointment arrives sooner than your chance to screen your ability to hear online. Once you get the speakers or headphones set up, you can finally take the main portion of the online hearing test. This typically consists of listening for sounds to see if you can hear them at different frequencies. In addition, you may have to determine which ear you hear each sound out of, to make sure both ears are in good health. You will need to provide some answers on the website during the screening in order to get your results. You should be taken to a results page that explains how good or bad your hearing is. If the outcome seems bad, try not to panic until you see a doctor. If the results appear to be good, however, do not cancel your appointment since you may still have a slight issue the screening missed. You can bring in the results page to the clinic if you would like. You can also simply show up to your hearing test prepared to sit for the exam and hope for the best. Either way, you are advised to schedule a visit to a clinic as soon as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    How to tell if you have hearing loss?
    At school everyone always screams my name but I dont hear it, or while watching tv my mom asks me why its so loud, but i hear it at a normal level. Any online hearing tests would help.

    • ANSWER:

    Any good online hearing tests?
    I want to test my hearing right now.

    I think my hearing is slightly dammaged, because lately ive been listening to my music really loudly…

    but i also think my hearing is a little muffled because im sick

    please post links of online hearing tests.

    • ANSWER:
      there is no such thing

    Is there such a thing as an online hearing test?
    I am just curious because I saw on a program a woman who was using a website to do a hearing test on herself and I was wondering if that is for real? They showed a site I went to it but it wasn’t what I thought. So I am looking for the actual test we use to take as kids to check our hearing where they make beeps and you press a button when you hear it, is there such a
    site??? That’s free?

    • ANSWER:



    How to get the answers to online test?
    How to get the answers to online test. I heard that there is a source code or some thing. But how can I pull the answer key box up. When im taking a test to get the right answer

    • ANSWER:
      If you’re taking a test online wouldn’t it be easier to just google the answer or ask them here in the homework section?

    How to stop being so paronoid about Hearing loss?
    Yeah, sounds corny, and it’s particualry over taking a shower. Every time I take a shower I keep on thinking that i’m going to lose my hearing. I took a hearing test online, and I passed. I also listen to my music at a pretty low volume, and I can hear it just fine.

    So how can I stop being feeling paranoid about hearing loss from taking a shower?
    Because my shower is kinda loud

    • ANSWER:
      dude you are OKAY.

      my sister is this crazy chick alright? and she has this shiny black car with one of the nicest sound systems in it… with a bass… and usually it vibrates the whole car. Once an old man told her to turn down the music because it was rattling his windows, and he was like five cars ahead of her in traffic, and it was barely turned up to it’s full potential. That’s how powerful it is. How often am i in this car? pretty often. And I’m probably younger than you, so it’s all going to take effect some day.

      just live life stress free, don’t worry about it until it’s a problem and maybe take shorter showers if your really uncomfortable about it.

online hearing test