Hearing Problems

Hearing problem is a nightmare especially for those who catch it in later years of life. The problem is grave in USA where approximately 32 million people are suffering from one or other type of hearing loss. The figure amounts to be 10% of the total population in the country.

It is estimated that 40% of these hearing impaired population is of above 65 years of age, and 50% are them are above 75 years. It means they are losing this ability when they need it most in fact. However, thanks to the technological innovations that many affordable hearing aids are available today. There are several hearing services available all over North Carolina offering innovative hearing solutions and personalized care to patients.

They are also offering consultancy and training to the family members to enable them adjust with this new physical development in the family member.Statistics shows that 90% of such hearing deficiencies are sensorineural hence cannot be treated medically. A large part of the population who are living in developed cities or can approach medical centers have found alternative solution of this problem in the form of hearing devices, but still larger part of the patients are living with this problem without any medical assistance.

The problem is threatening as the 78 million American baby boomers are now approaching to this vulnerable age. Still graver fact is that the problem is also taking young and adults in its grip due to high level of noise in current environment. It has been identified as noise induced hearing loss. While scrutinizing the reason why this large number of people remain undetected of the disease and bear with this deficiency for long term, it has been found that, due to its slow development, it takes them a considerably long time (6-8 years) to learn that they have got hearing deficiency.

Certainly most of the hearing losses cannot be treated but problem can be considerably curtailed with the use of hearing aids. New developments in the field are much more effective than their former counterparts, and affordable too. All one need is to reach the nearest hearing test clinic, hearing aid center or balance testing facilities. There are some very qualified and experienced audiologists in North Carolina, who are offering all types of hearing tests and hearing aids in the entire NC region.

In fact patients are reaching them from all other parts of the USA.If you are experiencing some sort of hearing loss and planning to visit an audiologist, make sure that you contact an American Academy of Audiology registered specialist. The person should also possess license in Audiology from the local board of examiners, for example in NC, it is North Carolina Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists, and North Carolina State Hearing Aid Dealers and Fitters Board. Such affiliations make it sure that you are in right hand and will be treated by experts. In case you experience any wrong practice, you can file complaint against the specialist with any of above organizations.

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Triangle Hearing Services is a hearing devices who has licensed hearing aid prices to hearing problems, pain in the ear, tinnitus/noises in ear, dizziness or vertigo.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    If You Listen To Music Everyday, How Long Can You Go For Without Having Hearing Problems?
    If You Listen To Music Everyday,(on a little over half of the volume limit) How Long Can You Go For Without Having Hearing Problems?
    Im Sorry, Its in the wrong category. My bad!
    Dudes, It couldn’t possibly be 1sec or 90seconds because i have 3min songs on there xD and im not deaf!

    • ANSWER:
      Well hearing problems are different than going completely deaf, but…a little half isn’t that loud, but it really depends on how loud the actual music is (for example death metal or classical).
    How do you get somebody with a hearing problem to the doctor?
    My mother-in-law has a hearing problem, everybody who knows her says so. She says she doesn’t and everybody else is “mumbling”. What is the best way to convince her to go to the ear doctor to get a professional opinion? Again she doesn’t feel the need to go because everybody else mumbles.

    • ANSWER:
      Explain to her that she might be losing hearing gently and tell her if she wants to lose her hearing and not be able to hear someone she loves or get it checked out before it’s too late.
    If my boyfriend has hearing problems will my future children, have the same problem?
    Hey! So my boyfriend and I have plans to go into the future. But im sort of nervous because he has and he always had hearing problems so he uses hearing aids. So i was wondering could my children have the same situation? like is hearing problems heritiary?

    • ANSWER:
      Has your b/f always had hearing problems? Or when did they first start? Are any other of his siblings deaf? What about your b/f parents? Is there a history of deafness in your b/f family?

      If there’s no history of deafness at an early age in your family then the chances of your off spring having hearing problems early in life are reduced by 50%. If the deafness in your boyfriend’s family affects only the male side then if you have a girl then the chances are reduced further by another 50%, and so on.

      Ask your boyfriend about the history of his deafness and whether there’s a history of deafness in his family.

    How to make friends with a hearing problem?
    I try to start conversation, but I feel so awkward. I have a hearing problem, so it’s hard to hear them. They already know about my problem (teacher told) so they usually ignore me.
    How do I start conversations, and make friends with a hearing problem? (i have hearing aids, but the problem is that my brain gets wrong signals, so I can hardly tell or hear what they are saying.)

    • ANSWER:

      Why not try with just one person? It can be really difficult to follow conversations in groups when we can’t hear properly, even if we wear hearing aids. Starting to try and be friends and talk to one person can be a bit easier, but they need to understand that they might have to speak a little slower and clearer than they might otherwise do. And you need to get them to face you when they speak so that you can lipread what you don’t hear.

      If you teacher has told the rest of the class about your hearing loss and hearing aids, why not ask the teacher if you can do a short talk to the class on what it’s like to be hearing impaired?

      You don’t say how long you’ve had hearing loss or how long you’ve worn hearing aids. The reason I say this is that if you’ve been deaf for some time your hearing loss can alter and you might need to get your aids re-programmed, or if you’re new to hearing aids then it does take time to get used to wearing them and hearing again with them.

      Good luck

    How to test our ear for hearing problem?
    I feel that I have some hearing problem and it is from last 1 year and so. I got checkup with Ear specialist but for no vail.
    Let me know how can I do the test myself to be sure?

    • ANSWER:
      I do not think you can. You get it rechecked but I think its pretty safe if you had it checked. But to be sure I would go check it again.

      I know a slight hearing problem in my right ear. They it is was like a 5% hearing loss. Cause unknown but they said it should not get worse. I don’t listen to loud music or anything they think it was due to an internal ear infecting when I was a toddler or a kid.

      But its very hard for me to tell in fact I can’t tell unless I put head phones on and switch sides back and forworth.