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The hearing aid has become an important necessity for those who lose their hearing ability due to an accident, illness, or born defect. Normally, the ENT specialist or the concerned doctor recommends the individual to buy a particular brand of hearing aid. The doctor could also give the patient more than one option in this regard. But the decision to buy a specified hearing aid would depend on the individual who is going to use is. It is not very easy to decide which type of hearing aid to buy. There are hundreds of different types of hearing aids in the market. People often get confused while selecting hearing aids. Hearing aid prices are also not the same. These devices are available within different ranges and prices. It can be purchased from 00 to 00 depending on quality type brand and features. It also depends on which country you live in. In short hearing aid prices will vary greatly between models and types.

Hearing aids are available in different types such as Canal hearing aids, half shell hearing aids, full shell hearing aids, behind the ear hearing aids and body aid hearing aids. Some hearing aids are digital and programmable. Programmable hearing aids are a type of hearing aid that can be programmed according to the environment or the listening situations such as home, office or any public place like the market or ground auditorium. Extra qualities and features are also responsible for the increase of a particular hearing aid price, but since there are a number of companies and big hearing aid manufacturers involved in this business, there is also a competition going among these companies to get additional market share and provide the best price. Therefore, such competition leaves positive effects on the price tag and doesn't allow any specified hearing aid price to increase unnecessary.

Current hearing aid manufacturers manufacture a variety of different brands of hearing aids. Therefore the pricing structure for different brands and models will vary greatly between manufacturers. The latest hearing aids are made to be very high tech and from the latest technologies. These hearing aids enable one to hear in complex and noisy environments. All the latest hearing aids are smaller in size but more effective and more reliable in what it delivers in terms of the ability to hear. High tech hearing aids are able to deliver excellent sound quality. Such hearing aids are also very sensitive so they can detect very slow sounds. Some hearing aids are so small that they are hardly visible in the ear. These distinguishing features determine the prices of hearing aids, keeping all of these facts in mind also plays into the varying prices of the hearing aid. So if you are confused in selecting a right and suitable hearing aid for yourself or a loved one, do not get confused, you can get some guidance form you doctor, your friends and also you can research for hearing aids online. You will definitely find good quality and latest hearing aids suitable for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a hearing aid test cost?
    My hearing has been going down for years and I want to be tested and purchase two hearing aids. Of course, they vary in price quite a bit.

    How much would the test(s) cost for a hearing aid? I imagine an audiogram is one of the tests performed. A rough estimate is fine. Most audiologists won’t give me a straight answer when I ask…I guess they want to surprise me with a huge bill, lol.

    • ANSWER:
      Most hearing test are around -300. there is a new hearing device that is called Lyric. Check it out before getting a cumbersome and expensive hearing aid. Have your ears cleaned out when you go to the audiologists for a test.

    Where can I find inexpensive hearing aid batteries?
    I have been a hearing aid user for 2 years now, and I am fed up with the high price of hearing aid batteries at drug stores.

    • ANSWER:
      I shop online for hearing aid batteries. The online prices fluctuate but I generally find http://www.cheaphearingaidbatteries.ca has good prices and they have always been quick and reliable for me.

    What’s the difference between hearing aids bought from a doctor as opposed to those bought at about half price?
    From an audiologist, I’m told that a prescription hearing aid can run about 00. I see ads for hearing aids that are programmed based on hearing test results that go for around 00. Is there much difference in quality?

    • ANSWER:
      Generally, hearing aids from a doctor are of better quality than those who aren’t. The audiologist knows you better than these other people do, and know what is right for you, and what isn’t.

      I have my hearing aids from my audiologist, and I have never had any problems with it personally. Even though it’s pricier, it’s worth it. I don’t trust these adverts. Anyway, good luck, and ask your audiologist for more information.

    where can I get assistance getting hearing aids?
    I’m currently attending school full-time and working a full-time job at Walt Disney World for 7 dollars an hour. Between the tuition for school, and my other bills, and rent, I am having trouble saving enough money for new hearing aids I’m starting to need.

    Since hearing aids are not covered by insurance and the prices of them are sky-high, I’m afraid I will not have enough money saved to buy new hearing aids by the time I need them.

    I hate to ask for charity but I’m starting to be backed into a corner. Any suggestion about what I could do?

    • ANSWER:
      Check with the Hearing Loss Association of America (www.hearingloss.org), which also has a state organization in Florida with local chapters. That’s one place to look.

      Assuming you’re in Florida (home of WDW), check with these organizations:

      North Florida Lions Hearing Aid Bank
      Lion William E. “Bill” Pace
      E-mail: wepace72@aol.com

      Northeast Florida Lions Hearing Aid Bank
      Lion Shirley Shuler
      E-mail: mercurymomma@msn.com
      Fax: 352-372-7915

      Good luck!

    How much does a hearing aid cost?
    What are the price ranges of hearing aids, for my gran, 88?

    PS: Not NHS but private?

    • ANSWER:
      We bought my husband’s 4 years ago in Denmark when the Euro to Dollar exchange was still favorable. Cost was 00.00. We saved 00.00 that way with hotel and airplane included. He needed very advanced ones as he has 70% hearing loss since birth. Right now I don’t even want to know how much they would be…

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