Cheap Hearing Aids

It can sometimes be difficult to know where to get cheap hearing aids, and to know exactly where to go for the proper information. Begin with a visit to a professional audiologist – they can point you in the right direction and let you know where you can get the best deal.

They will test your hearing to let you know what problems you may have, and they also have knowledge of where to do your shopping. They may also know if you qualify for any government grants or charity and how to go about applying for any type of assistance. When searching for cheap hearing aids, you’ll also want to conduct some research on your own.

If you do this before seeing your audiologist, it will also help you in asking informed questions that will be useful in making things work faster for you. Buying online can save you big bucks – in some cases up to 90%.. Before you buy from a website be sure that you are looking for models of hearing aids that will work for you – your audiologist can provide you with this information. If you feel that you’ve done proper research on cheap hearing aids, you may be able to forego an audiologist visit. You would need to pay for an examination that way.

This isn’t something I would recommend to most people since it’s unlikely that they know their true hearing loss.

Another way to get hearing aids that are affordable is buying used hearing aids. Lots of people find these to be just as good as brand new hearing aids, and they love the amount of money they are able to save by purchasing them.

Check the site’s warranty and return policy so you don’t get stuck with cheap hearing aids you don’t want or can’t wear. Some sites will even offer payment plans or same as cash policies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I find cheap hearing aid batteries in Canada?
    We recently purchased hearing aids for our son and we are looking for a place to buy inexpensive hearing aid batteries. I’ve heard that drugstores are the cheaper than hearing aid clinics but will the batteries last as long?

    • ANSWER:
      In my experience, after having used hearing aids for ten plus years, I have found name brand batteries like Rayovac or Duracell to be the longest lasting batteries. I tried out a few really cheap brands for a while like icelltec, but noticed i would get duds and batteries that only lasted two or three days. I get my batteries online now from Cheap Hearing Aid Batteries Canada but feel free to research around for the best prices online. It’s nice because you just receive the batteries in the mail.
    Do those Sonic Hearing Devises that are advertised on TV really work?
    I was thinking I might could use on as a cheap hearing aid if they do. I keep misunderstanding words.

    • ANSWER:
      they do amplify sound, but the quality of some makes it even harder to hear others, so unless you buy a good brand, its not worth it, but if you buy a well know good brand, than you can count on it
    Is Walmart providing hearing aid services?
    I know that Walmart already sells cheap hearing aids online, but I recently heard that they will be opening in-store clinics. Is this true and if it is, when is it happening? What types of insurance would they accept?

    • ANSWER:
      WHAT???? SPEAK UP
    What is the best and cheapest hearing aid you know of?
    I went on ebay looking for a hearing aid because I can’t seem to hear out of my right ear much anymore. My brother also had hearing problems due to our previous doctor letting an ear infection go to long and he had to have tubes put in his ear but I think they are out now but sometimes he still has trouble.

    Do you think I should go with the 30 dollar hearing aid since it’s really the only one I can afford before it gets any worse?

    • ANSWER:
      Pass up on any Ebay cheapie style hearing aids , There is a chance that they could do more damage to your hearing !

      A visit to an Audiologist is indicated here as they can plot your hearing loss onto an Audiogram & correctly suggest what is the best device to resolve your problem.

      Depending on your circumstances you “May” be entitled to Free or Subsidised hearing aids?

      An Audiologist can & will point you in the right direction there.

    Whats a good quality, cheap hearing aid good for spying purposes?
    First of all, Im on a low budget, and I really want a hearing aid that will allow me to hear perfectly over GREAT distances for spy purposes and hunting, survival, paintball or air-soft, ect. so I can hear others conversations, steps, sounds, ect., from across long distances. If there are no hearing aids this good at a low budget, still give me a recommendation please. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      There are hearing devices, it’s a cone shaped gizmo with a microphone inside that collects and amplifies sound, they use those at football games to get the field noise. A spy would use those too, but not a paint baller. I don’t think there is an in-ear hearing aid that will do what you want.

      You can find gear on the internet by looking at spy shops. Whatever they sell may make promises that they can’t keep though.